Custom system development

We also deal with the development of custom web-based systems according to the customer's needs. Our development team finds the solution for every individual need to make our customers' work easier. Our references include, for example, a medical appointment system, inventory software and the development of a corporate governance system.
Appointment system

Medical appointment system

  • Touch screen interface
  • Send a calendar invitation with your reservation
  • Tracking examinations
  • Checking the presence of employees

Inventory software

  • Field work support
  • QR code identification
  • Traceability
  • Smartphone applications (iOS, Android)
Inventory software
Corporate governance system

Corporate governance system

  • Retail merchandise handling and sales
  • Wholesale merchandise handling and sales
  • Employee and working time records
  • Digitization of your entire service process

Festival ticketing and admission system

  • Sales statistics
  • Banking transactions
  • Check tickets
  • Management of VIP entrants
Festival ticketing and admission system

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