Energy efficiency experting

Energy management concept development - energy efficiency experting

Our company prepares energy management concepts to increase the energy efficiency of industrial facilities, office buildings and educational institutions.

During the projects, a precise concept is developed, which assesses the current equipment and systems available in the facility and proposes energy efficiency measures according to the customer's needs. It estimates the cost of implementing a full or pilot project and provides a return-on-investment calculation. The document gives the customer an overview of the potential for improvement of the individual system components and enables him to carry out the procurement of the necessary energy-efficient automation system components.

Energy management
Cost efficiency

Parts of the expert work process for energy management concept development

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  • On-site visits (several if necessary, depending on the size of the installation and the complexity of the on-site systems)
  • On-site interviews with operational colleagues (if necessary, depending on the size of the site and the complexity of the systems and operation)
  • Precise assessment of on-site systems
  • Preparation of development steps

  • Defining minimum design requirements for development
  • Preparation of documentation
  • Estimation of tool list
  • Preparation of a concept for the development
  • Cost calculation of development phases, calculation of return on investment
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The energy management concept may cover the following areas, among others (for guidance)

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  • Temperature measurement
  • Access, gates
  • Mechanical rooms
  • Development steps
  • Definition of a tool list
  • Design of conceptual data flow model
  • Testing room controllers

  • Comfort cooling and heating control
  • Air management control
  • Lighting technology
  • ROI calculation
  • Proposal for the integration of mechanical systems
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