Standard Siemens Building Automation

As a Siemens partner, our company undertakes the installation of standard Siemens building automation systems in addition to individual self-developed systems. We recommend the Siemens systems we sell for the mechanical systems of the newly established factories and plants, as well as the sites under renovation.
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Stable service background
Siemens certificate

Siemens solution partner

Since April 2020, our company has been authorized to supply, install, maintain and service the product families belonging to the SIEMENS SI division. Since obtaining the qualification, our colleagues have participated in several trainings.


Desigo is a modular and scalable building automation system that responds flexibly to changes in use. Expandability can be done at any time during the entire life cycle of the building.
Scalable system
Centralized supervising

Centralized control

Centralized intelligent control and monitoring of automation, fire protection and security systems in one or more buildings.

Increase performance

A pleasant workplace climate has a positive effect on the motivation, performance and health of employees alike. At the same time, the responsible use of natural resources improves the company's perception and the company's position in society.
Productivity improvement

Desigo Total Room Automation

With the right settings, people’s increased comfort can also boost productivity. Desigo Room Automation allows you to balance energy efficiency and human productivity within a room.


Albatros2 controllers are able to operate a central heating system built from heat generators of any capacity and make. Solving a pool heating or cascade control, or managing solar panel energy is also no problem for the Albatros2 controllers.

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