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Systemintegration for different building engineering available. In case of numerous industrial and office buildings many engineering systems from the past decades are mixed with todays modern engineering. Our work includes the unfolding of the possibilities given by the old and new systems and after the planning we also accomplish the full integration. If needed we also install our own equipment, but we try not to disrupt the current system. Because of that we are able to ensure a personalised cost-efficient system at a significantly lower price than offered on the market. During the implementation, we take the exact needs of the user into account, then we examine who wants to use it ,and what the system should be capable of, and we also provide an easy-to-use, user-friendly interface.


Our product contain complete energy audit of the property(s), which is more than the ISO:50001 standard. Our goal is to find those parts of the property, where energy consumption is not optimal, and increase the efficiency in these areas:

  • Heating/ cooling control
  • Lighting control
  • HMV
  • Doors and other closing systems control
  • HVAC
  • Water measurement, alarm
  • Electricity network control
  • Behavioural analysis and learning


The service is able to cope with all the smart home tasks that arise:

  • Shutters, shading
  • Towel dryer control
  • Alarm integration
  • Water leakage monitoring
  • Irrigation system control
  • Gate opening/ closing control
  • Electricity network control, supervision
  • Camera system integration
  • User-friendly environment
  • Remote control, access, alarm
  • Application (iOS, Android)


Our Team

Grüne Antwort Ltd. was founded in 2012 by two university students. The team is characterized by youthfulness, precision and professionalism.

Over the years, our company has been continuously developing.

The company deals with the development of IoT devices, unique hardware and software.

Our company uses their former experiences for the good of the actual projects extraordinarily.

Our company has many references from industrial and residential customers too.

Mate Arkossy

Cofounded the company with Gábor Maszlavér in 2012, the company started with the production of their own hardware and software for data collection and measurement technology. Since then he is in charge of the company's manager  and marketing positions. In his free time he is fond of sailing and also has a soft spot for wines.

Zsolt Demjan

Zsolti is a graduate student at the University of Óbuda. He strengthens Grüne's team in web and application development since 2015.

Gabor Maszlaver

I graduated in 2010 at BMEs Civil Engineer faculty, since 2003 I was a member of the faculty student council, between 2008-2010 I worked as the vice-president of HÖOK, then since 2010 I am the Director of EFOTT festival, and since 2016 I work as the Chief organizer of the Educatio International Education Exhibition. During my daily work I try to strive to use new technologies that contributes to the sustainable future concept, whether it is about selective waste management, cashless payment solutions or about the innovative education of society's younger layers. As Máté my friend and I think the same way it could be said that we also have a same belief - as a result of this, the idea of bringing GA to life was born. I help the team with cooperative creative thinking, and with my relationships in the market. I believe that with care, continous studying, and with the use of the technologies of our present and future we could use the available resources much more sufficinetly,  thereby laying the foundations for a cleaner, cheaper, more sustainable future.

Gabor Meszaros

Mészi graduated in 2015 from the University of Debrecen at the information technology department as a Software enginieer. He joined to our team in the fall of 2017, he is in works as a backend developer and project auditor. In his free time he enjoyes festivals, likes football and beer, and he doesn't reject series either.

Nora Nidermayer

Nóri joined in october of 2017, she strengthens the team as the only woman. Outside of our company she lives her life as a student of Budapest Univercity of Technology and Economics, over and above she is also the member of Liska Tibor vocational college.

Zsolt Rofos-Horvath

Zsolt assists Grüne's expension on the market as an external partner since 2018, with the help of his experience at sales manegement, and with the experience that he acquired in business development in the hungarian and international market. He doesn't spend too much time in the office, but his colleagues are eager for his arrival, because he always creates a good mood with his witty jokes.

Tamas Vitez

He is a major and important member of the team since the beginning. When he started he was in charge of the developments, but for today he became the operational manager of the company.


Company Info

  • G r ü n e   A n t w o r t Kft.
  • Tax number: 24105491-2-43
  • Bank: 10918001-00000020-09700000
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  • H-1114 Budapest, Bocskai út 16.

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  • H-1115 Budapest, Keveháza utca 1-3. 1 em. 105.
  • 0036 1 7049056


  • Mate Arkossy
  • CEO
  • a r k o s s y
  • 0036 70 625 8953
  • Tamas Vitez
  • CTO
  • v i t e z
  • 0036 30 490 8110

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